Countdown to Quality Jam



About Quality Jam

What is Quality Jam 2017?

Quality Jam 2017 is QASymphony’s User Conference focused on helping testing and development teams work smarter, faster and deliver higher quality software. This one-day event brings together technology thought leaders, executives and practitioners from all over the world. The goal:  Provide you with ideas, insights and practical knowledge to help you improve the quality of software that your company creates.  We’ve brought in an all-star lineup of speakers for this event.  Additionally, leaders from QASymphony will be sharing the product roadmap for 2017.

Why Attend Quality Jam?

Today, every company is a software company and this makes the quality of software more important than ever before. Businesses simply cannot afford to have critical applications break. But at the same time, businesses are trying to move faster, adopting methodologies like Agile. This puts even more pressure on the development and testing teams to deliver quality software at a rapid pace. Quality Jam will provide you with real-world, practical solutions to help you navigate the challenges within the modern software development world and stay ahead of the curve.

Who should attend Quality Jam?

Technology leaders – CIO, VPs

DevOps leaders

Software testers

Software developers

Software engineers

Product managers

Project leaders