Corey Pyle

Corey has been involved with QA for the past 3 years, one of which has been at Mobiquity. Currently he is working in a lead quality assurance position, and has recently also been taking on development roles. Corey has developed two of the current automated testing tools in use at Mobiquity: “qtestmanager-node” which makes uploading test results to qTest simple, and “pigwidgeon” which is a tool that automates the testing of Alexa skills.
During life before the software industry, Corey was involved in IT, and was also an elementary school teacher for two years. He notes how much of his training in education is transferrable to the IT world.
Corey recently had his first child, a baby girl, and most of his spare time goes to her. He also enjoys gaming, and the occasional pickup game of Dungeons and Dragons.