Elise Carmichael

Elise has worked in the software industry since 2000.  Today she manages and runs a global software engineering and testing organization of ~150 people.  At Mobiquity, Elise has created and conducted bootcamp training courses for new employees while leveraging experts in industry to train on platform specific technologies, including iOS, Android, and full stack web. She is responsible for defining the structure of the day to day work of all team members on a project as well as the overall scrum based agile processes that is followed
Prior to Mobiquity, she worked in logistics for the trucking industry at iGlobal and with online bidding software for the construction industry at Info Tech.  She has many years of development experience in a variety of languages, test automation and framework creation experience, and years of technical leadership across a wide variety of domains.
In her spare time, she plays tennis and is an avid musician playing flute and piccolo for the Gainesville Pops!